January 30, 2006 at 11:45 pm (food)

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Potato Rolls are ensaymada-like bread that use flour mixed with potatoes, instead of just flour. The result is a soft, melt in your mouth bread topped with butter, sugar and cheese.

In Davao City, potato rolls are baked only by La Suerte Restaurant and Bakery. Currently, potato rolls may only be made by orders. Small bite size pieces are sold at PhP 400 per 100 pieces, while the larger pieces are sold at PhP 450 per 50 pieces.*

La Suerte is located along CM Recto Street in the heart of downtown Davao City. To order, call 227-8131.

* Prices may change without prior notice.


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  1. Odette Militante-Lee said,

    This brings back memory when I was staying at my aunt’s house in Matina. So Yummy!!! She would bring a lot of the potato rolls from La Suerte Restaurant & Bakery, but I thought I should just eat one, then another one and another, and before I know it I almost ate a whole bag full. “Forget diet – not today!” I said to myself back then. Glad I did!

    Now I can only eat Krispy Creme Doughnut which is the same softness – but not the same taste. Goldilocks, Red Ribbon and Valerios in the Bay Area have almost the same stuff, but not comparable to La Suerte’s taste. Too bad for me though, but I gotta have it again when I go back to Davao.

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